Bounce by Dianna Rojas

The purpose of this website is to inform potential customers and/or distributors of products of this brand.
The company manufacturing these products does not honor its warranty, and many distributors have decided to claim reimbursements with the help of consumers’ associations.
We are damaged victims of this scam.
Through the gross incompetence, mismanagement and deceit of Bounce by Dianna Rojas, our dealings with this company were a living hell.
We are taking legal action against the company and in the meantime we want to inform people of their practices, as we don’t want any other person or company to fall victim to what we have experienced.

Problems you will encounter when dealing with Bounce by Dianna Rojas:

Logistical problems:

Products are shipped from China in order to save costs of warehousing in America. This can cause retail customers to wait for up to 6 weeks to receive their boots. In many cases they had to pay a fee upon delivery due to duties and taxes.
Some resellers experienced surreal situations like their boots being sent to Mexico instead of the UK.
The logistical problems also cause big expenses to clients, as the warranty covers only the product, and as they are sent from China, the customers are always obliged to pay duties and taxes, and sometimes also shipping costs.
These hidden extra fees are not disclosed on their website.

Quality problems:

Many gyms/clubs and resellers have experienced different problems with the boots quality:
1. Some boots broke
2. The buckles broke so it is not possible to open straps and put the boot on.
3. Elastic bands sometimes are already worn out
4. Nuts in the boots also sometimes strip so the upper shell might be broken or loose and cannot be fixed.

Ethical problems:

The Company has several debts with former employees, trainers, resellers…etc.
They confirmed their debts in several cases by mail, saying they would pay, but that never happened. There were several mails informing them about all the claims, and we all just received abuse in the end.
Their standard operating procedure in the case of debts is:
1: Confirm and promise swift payment.
2: Delay and make excuses.
3: Change the goal-post.
4:  Find fault with the creditor as an excuse not to pay.


They don’t know the rebound market, they are not honest nor ethical with their leads, and they don’t even own the domain with the brand of the boots.

Orders are seldom fulfilled properly, if at all. Wrong sizes, colors or addresses are common.

Their internal communication seems non-existent – agreements with one person don’t necessarily mean that the other agrees or is even aware of the agreement.

Have you also had a negative experience with this company?

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